Season 2, Episode 5: A Year

September 25, 2019

Dmitri recalls what it was like to be taken by the Husk. He reveals a big secret to Rebecca while sitting at a restaurant. 

Meanwhile, Officer Morrison gets some troubling news and asks for a favor from Officer Warren. 


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Husk is written and co-created by Sean Abplanalp and Emma Brown. Associate Producer - Elliott Jacobson. 

Guest monologue for Gina by Anita Clark. 

Episode Art by Kivett Bednar. Follow him on Instagram @kivettbednarart.

Cast (In order of appearance):  

Husk Being:  Kelsey Tucker  

Dmitri: Sean Abplanalp 

Rebecca: Emma Brown

Kathy: Ashleigh Elfring 

Morrison: Justin Ulbrich 

Warren:  Duke Murrdodge

Paul: Austin Hatfield 

Gina: Anita Clark