Season 2, Episode 1: Anaconda, Montana

July 31, 2019

After the season 1 finale where Dmitri returns, Rebecca finds herself driving towards Anaconda, Montana. While Rebecca continues to drive, her parents are starting to put the pieces together about where she is back in Portland.  

Husk is written and co-created by Sean Abplanalp & Emma Brown. Associate produced by Elliott Jacobson. 

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Episode Art by Joshua Fox. Find more of his art on Instagram: @jfox720

Credit music: "Firing Line" by Corinne Sharlet off her forthcoming debut EP. Follow her on FB at or on Instagram: @corinne.sharlet. Follow her website for news about her latest shows and releases:

Cast (In order of appearance): 

Derrick the Bully: Fatty Gallagher

Young Dmitri: Katherine Dery

Young Rebecca: Lauren Scher

Kathy: Ashleigh Elfring 

Rebecca: Emma Brown

Stranger: Josh Paxton 

Aunt Caroline (Radio Voice): Kelsey Tucker 

Martin: Matt Woodman 

Gina: Anita Clark